Money Affirmations

FEEL the FEELINGS of  having a lot of money. Feel relaxed and happy…feel excited!

How would you feel if you had $10,000 in your bank account? How about if you had $50,000 or $100,000 or $1,000,000?

As you recite these words, get into a state of happiness!  FEEL IT!

Spend it in Your Mind! Go Shopping…Drive that Car!

  • I am abundant and blessed with a lot of money now.

  • I always have more than enough money!

  • The Universe wants me to have money.

  • Money flows easily to me…ALWAYS!

  • I can easily imagine myself having limitless money.

  • I love the idea of having truly effortless abundance.

  • I am deserving of a lot of money, no matter what!

  • All I must do is ask for more money and allow it.

  • I am opened to the flow of money abundance in all areas of my life.

  • Thank you Universe for my great supply of money!

  • I allow the universe to bless me with great abundance & money now.

  • My grateful heart draws in money like a magnet.

  • I am easily led to the money I desire.

  • Money flows easily when I relax.

  • Being rich and comfortable is my divine birthright.

Organize Your Office

First, you need to buy a small filing cabinet. It’s your best bet in keeping your office organized and now a days there are so many different styles and types, it’s easy to find something to match your decor.

Buy a small filing cabinet


File folders – labeler or pens


Bins, baskets and more bins

Get rid of anything extra:

Create a box of extras if you not have enough drawer space. Put inside anything you have two of but you’ll need, such as: tape, envelopes

Incoming mail especially bills need a special place. Throwing them on a desk or table will only get them lost and you disorganized.

Bulletin boards, the more the better and it’s OK. Bulletin board work wonders for me. I’m visual so I need to see things. Sometimes it’s how I’m reminded other times it just keep things handy. I have one for important bills another for to do lists and tickler items. And another for odds and ends, a lot of times I will put things that are important for my son’s school. Phone numbers, schedule, order forms. Now a days, there are so many different styles and colors of bulletin boards to choose from, they almost look as nice as a painted picture but they will keep you organized.

Lists: I’m a list writer and sometimes

Leasing a Small Office

Have you ever considered leasing a small office for your home business? What? Why would anyone want to lease an office, it’s no longer a home-based business?

I used to think the same thing. Then once my company grew, I needed a professional place to meet my clients and somewhere I don’t feel like I should answer the door, do the dishes or walk the dog.

When I’m at home, I can usually work consistently without interruption, but there’s always those nagging of thoughts of things that need to be done at home and constant interruption sometimes by the kids, the neighbors or my significant other.
Leasing an office is quite simple and not that expensive. I’ve done it twice now. I used the same company, but two different cities I lived in.

Basically, you have an office on the same floor as other people. You have your own phone line and a receptionist that answers the phone using your business name. They will take messages if you’re not there or transfer to voicemail where you can pick them up from home or on the road.
Conference Room: You have a professional place to meet with your clients without stepping over toys or hearing your dog bark in the background.
Copier: A full size standard copier.
Mail and Shipping Services
Vending Machine
Access to Other Adults: This may not be important to you, but sometimes working from home can get lonely. Being in an office environment you can mix and mingle with other people if you choose. Usually, I didn’t get to involved with anyone and I never felt like I had to.

Leasing Office Space for Your Home Based Business


There’s nothing better than the feeling of making it. Having a professional office with staff and business address and phone number. For many this seems out of reach, but for less than you probably thin, you can be leasing your own professional office.

If you’re looking to present a more professional appearance or get out of the house, leasing a small office is easy and relatively inexpensive.

When leasing you will:

  • have access to office machines such as a fax, copier and
  • You will have a full-time receptionist answering your phone and voicemail.
  • Your mail sent out and delivered to you.
  • Access to a conference room if needed.
  • High speed internet

Not to mention a fridge, microwave, beverages and if you’re lucky, some have vending machines with late afternoon snacks.

A few things to think about:

How close to the freeway are you? If you will be doing a lot of travel, you may want to consider how close or far you are to a major freeway. The same is to be considered when thinking about your clients coming to visit you.

What’s is in the area? You may want to be close to a coffee shop or restaurant where you can eat or take clients. What about a drugstore? Do you need to stop in for breath mints or pantyhose? How about an office supply store? If you have more than one office complex to choose from, location and what is in the area are good things to factor when making your decision?

Is there plenty of parking?  You will probably have access to the building after hours and may want to stop in to do some work. Do you feel safe in the area? How full does the parking lot get (go on a busy Monday morning) Are you going to have to walk far or is there a parking structure available.

Hidden fees: there will always be extras, whether it’s postage and mailing or long distant phone calls. Ask the Manager for a list of all fees. Usually your base rent will include rent and internet only. Everything else will cost, whether you have a package delivered for you or a fax sent (you will be able to do these things yourself, but they will do them for you at a small charge). Is there underground parking that’s gated and secure? This will keep company cars safe, but cost a nominal fee.